Tuesday, June 30, 2015

IBM Performance Management 8.1.1 is GA!

IBM® Performance Management is a comprehensive solution that helps manage the performance and availability for complex applications that might be running in a data center, public cloud, or hybrid combination. This solution provides you with visibility of your applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficient use of resources.
The Performance Management solution collects data from both Performance Management agents and Tivoli® Monitoring agents. Data is displayed in the Application Performance Dashboard for both Performance Management agents and their hybridized Tivoli Monitoring counterparts.

The IBM Performance Management solution has four offerings:

  • IBM Application Performance Management Advanced combines IBM MonitoringIBM Application Performance Management, and IBM Application Diagnostics into one offering.
  • IBM Application Performance Management for end user experience, transaction tracking, and resource monitoring of all your application components. Application Performance Management is useful for managing your critical applications in production.
  • IBM Monitoring for resource monitoring of infrastructure, application components, and cloud workloads. Resource monitoring helps you identify and address slow transactions, capacity issues, and outages.
  • IBM Application Diagnostics for code level visibility into your applications and the health of your application servers. Use the diagnostics dashboards to find performance bottlenecks in application code.

A new piece of documentation included with this release is the Scenarios guide. There is currently only one scenario documented, but it is very detailed and represents the most common scenario by far.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Live Video Presentation: ITM Nugget: Overview of how to retrieve enterprise wide information in one simple output

IBM's Mark Leftwich has made a great video on how you can pull enterprise wide information in one simple step. These techniques and examples are great for audits, sanity checking monitoring and problem diagnosis work:

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A great document from IBM on integrating SCCD processes with traditional Maximo asset management functions

IBM Control Desk (previously named SCCD - SmartCloud Control Desk) is Maximo, but because it provides several additional customizations to Maximo, many traditional Maximo developers are intimidated by it. But that shouldn't be the case. Like other Maximo additions (Maximo for Oil and Gas, etc.), ICD is mainly a collection of additional pages (officially named "applications") that access the same Maximo database that you know and love. It does deal with some different objects (tables) in the database, but it's all the exact same architecture. And while it does add new workflows and a few other things, these are all really just "normal" Maximo customizations. It just happens to be that ICD contains quite a few of these customizations, and that's why IBM packages it as its own product.

Have a look at this paper for more information on the use of automated vs manual processes when dealing with ICD and asset management:


IBM's TCR Community

Reporting is an indispensable part of your IT implementation. Check out IBM's Tivoli Common Reporting community for tips, tricks and updates on this tool that's included with nearly all IBM ITSM products:


Thursday, June 4, 2015

DASH Customizations with data from ITNM and TBSM

Jason Shamroski is creating some custom dashboards for a customer this week using DASH, TBSM and a component developed by IV Blankenship for pulling ITNM topology data into DASH.