Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GbsNcoSql V2.0

I hope you read the earlier article about the GbsNcoSql tool at the link below.
In the first version, the tool could perform only SELECT statements, but now we have updated the tool to execute non-SELECT statements such as INSERT, DELETE and UPDATEs as well. For those who subscribed to this tool, I will send out an updated version this week.
Again, this tool is 100% free. Please send an email request from your work email to tony delgross (tony dot delgross at gulfsoft.com). 
One disclaimer:  This tool uses FreeTDS libraries to access Omnibus Object server database. While this works, please understand that IBM does not support this method.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

IBM - Recording RPT 8 HTTP scripts

Tivoli is doing a great job of updating their support information, including this very detailed article on using RPT with ITCAMfT:

IBM - Recording RPT 8 HTTP scripts