Friday, July 15, 2011

Emailing Reports in TCR

The latest version of TCR supports Report Emailing and scheduling feature. However this feature is hidden deep in the menu options and this article shows how to email your report.

  1. First make sure that you configured TCR for emailing using the or by using "Cognos Configuration" application in Windows.

  2. Now to email a report, click on "Run with Options" icon against the report. It is a green arrow icon appearing on the same row as the report name.

  3. Now click on "To specify a time to run the report, or additional formats, languages or delivery options, use advanced options" link that appears to the right.

  4. In the advanced options page, click on "Run in the background" and "Now" under Time and Mode.

  5. Choose the appropriate format such as PDF.

  6. Under Delivery, uncheck save report.

  7. Under Delivery:, check send the report by email and click on "Edit options" right next to it.

  8. In the "Set Email Options" page, set the email receipients, (separated by commas). Edit the subject and body if necessary.

  9. Ensure the "Attach the report" is clicked. Alternatively, you can send a TCR link to the receipients. Click OK.

  10. Ensure that "Prompt for values" is checked. Now click Run.

  11. Now any report parameter values will be prompted and once you entered them and click finish,

  12. Finally, click OK to confirm and now the report will be generated and emailed to the receipients.

Hope this helps.