Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Importing Custom Images in TCR Cognos Reports

If you are developing custom Cognos reports in Tivoli Common Reporting, one of the basic needs in custom reporting is to include your company logo or custom images in your reports.  This article describes steps necessary to include custom logos in your Cognos reports.
  1. First assemble the custom images that you need to include.  These images must be in JPG or GIF format.
  2. Copy these images to the following directory location in TCR.  Or, you can create a subdirectory under the directory below and put your images under the subdirectory.
    <installdir>/../tipv2/profiles/TIPProfile/installedApps/TIPCell/IBM Cognos 8.ear/p2pd.war/tivoli
  3. Important: Also copy the images to <installdir>/../tipv2Components/TCRComponent/cognos/webcontent/tivoli directory or any of its subdirectory.
  4. Now you can drag and drop image objects in Report Studio in your report designs.  After dropping a image object, right click on it and select "Edit Image URL". 
  5. Specify the image url as "../tivoli/mylogo.jpg" if your images are located in tivoli folder in the above example. Modify the URL to include subdirectory names in case your images are located in the subdirectory of tivoli folder in steps 2 & 3.

That's it, Happy Reporting!